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laser cutting machine - Single / double Head / with camera

  • Laser cutting machines are used for fabric Applique cutting, printed batch/label cutting, acrylic engraving and cutting advertisement industry. High precision laser cutting machines are used for decoration board and non-metal board, like LCD Protection film, Acrylic and medium-density board in ads, upholstery, electrical appliance and plastic industry.

  • Machines available models:

  • 1. Single head
    2. Double head
    3. CCD Camera option
    4. Laser power: 30-150W
    5. Cutting thickness: 0-25mm (determined by materials)
    6. Engraving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)
    7. Cutting speed : 0-36000)(mm/min)
    8. Minimum shaping character: Chinese 2x2mm, English 1x1mm
    9. Resolution rations :< 4000dpi
    10. Power supply: AC220V+10%, 50Hz
    11. Location precision: <0.05mm
    12. Gross power: <1250W
    13. Cooling mode - water cooling
    14. Optional engraving device : (cylinder) o (10-100)x(50-300)mm
    15. Supporting graphic format - CAD BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, PCX, TAG, GIF, PLT
    16. Machine working area available : 900x 600mm to 1600mm x 1200mm